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02 February, 2018

How Many Hours of Study is Required to Clear NEET Medical Entrance Test?

A question that is often asked by NEET aspirants (targeting NEET 2018 and later) is,

How many hours should I study to crack NEET?

Through this blog post, we’ll look at the ideal study hours that are required to clear NEET examination. Do number of study hours really matters in NEET preparation? And are there any minimum hours you need to study each day to crack NEET?

How many hours to study for NEET?

On an average, a daily 6-8 hrs is considered good for NEET. The time you need to study will differ depending upon your IQ, whether you are a quick learner or takes time to absorb things. What matters a lot is the quality study that you do and not the number of hours.

Avoid long study hours if it results in fatigue, small breaks after 45–50 minutes of study can improve your productivity.

If you are starting the NEET preparation late, when only less than 6 months remaining, then you may need to put more effort (number of hours) into your studies.

The best thing to follow in your NEET preparation is,

Don’t focus on hours. Focus on topics.

Some topics takes less time to complete, some takes more. So numbers of hours can vary. Plan out your schedule – What topics have to be completed today, how they are to be completed, if you do not complete a topic today then how it should be managed with tomorrow’s studies, etc.

“You should never ‘measure’ the number of hours you study. What matters more is that you should study with full concentration whenever you study.” – Mohit Bhatt(IIT Roorkee)

The above advice is given for JEE exam, but it also holds true for NEET entrance test.

There are no minimum study hours for NEET

During NEET preparation, you have to study consistently, whether that is learning concepts or solving problems. But your study hours can be flexible depending on your strength and weakness for the subject. When your mind says it’s enough of studying a subject for the day, it’s ok to move on to other subject. The adjustment is fine as long as you are finishing your daily work/assignment.

To clear NEET with very good rank, you need to focus on time management and pattern of solving questions. This can be only achieved by serious dedicated practice and questions solving. As long as you are achieving your daily/weekly goals, number of hours are not that important.

Study regularly and consistently.

All the best!